Rustic Non Superwash Highland Wool DK (Ready To Ship Collection)

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Rustic Highland Wool is a NON-Superwash wool straight from Peru. This is a "crunchy", untreated wool excellent for colorwork garments, and felting projects. 

Yarn Stats:
100 % Peruvian Highland Wool (non superwash)
246 yards/100 grams
4 ply

My favorite Combinations: (main body color is listed first)

Aubergine + Rosey Glow
Aubergine + Thundercloud
Aubergine + Contemplation
Aubergone + Agate Beach (low contrast)

Rosey Glow + Thundercloud
Rosey Glow + Sand
Rosey Glow + Contemplation
Rosey Glow + Aubergine
Rosey Glow + Light Navy

Light Navy + Sand
Light Navy + Rosey Glow
Light Navy + Honey Mead

Anne Shirley + Rosey Glow
Anne Shirley + Honey Mead
Anne Shirley + Contemplation
Anne Shirley + Sand
Anne Shirley + Agate Beach (low contrast)

Thundercloud + Rosey Glow
Thundercloud + My New Party Dress
Thundercloud + Light Navy
Thundercloud + Aubergine
Thundercloud + Honey Mead

Envy + Sand
Envy + Honey Mead

My New Party Dress + Agate Beach
My New Party Dress + Thundercloud

Sand + Rosey Glow
Sand + Light Navy
Sand + Contemplation
Sand + Anne Shirley Auburn

Honey Mead + Light Navy
Honey Mead + Sand
Honey Mead + Thundercloud
Honey Mead + Envy
Honey Mead + Agate Beach

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