Spill The Tea 4 Day KAL Yarn

Rosey Glow Silky Linen
Ross Poldark Silky Linen
Wander Silky Linen
Sky Silky Linen
Linen Silky Linen
Goldenrod Silky Linen
Terra Cotta Silky Linen
Lavender Silky Linen
Desire Silky Linen
Ross Poldark Organic Merino
Rosey Glow Organic Merino
Goldenrod Organic Merino
Wander Organic Merino
Dahlia Organic Merino
Cream Organic Merino Sport
Flowering Quince Organic Merino
Delphinium Organic Merino
Goldenrod + Cream 50g. bundle
Flowering Quince + Cream 50g. bundle
Ross Poldark + Cream 50g. bundle
Wander + Cream 50g. bundle
Dahlia + Cream 50g. Bundle
Rosey Glow + Cream 50g. Bundle

Are you participating in the 8th Annual 4 Day KAL with Olive Knits?

The bundles are sold out, but you can still get the Silky Linen Sport. Visit THIS link to purchase. 

I'm featuring my Silky Linen Sport + 50g. contrast bundles in Organic Merino Sport for this year's pattern. Read all about the KAL and pre-order your pattern on the OLIVEKNITS website or on Ravelry. The pattern is not included in the purchase of the yarn

This is a Dyed To Order Listing.Yarn will ship in approximately 2-3 weeks.  I have more of the Silky Linen coming late June and I'm happy to dye some for you. 

I made a video of these yarns and combinations swatched up. You can see it here on facebook. No account needed: https://fb.watch/sgPaFK8WXU/

June 9th is the last day to order and receive your yarn in time for the 4 day KAL. 

Both yarns are Non-Superwash and work beautifully for the Spill The Tea pattern. 

How To Order:
Choose a main body color (Main Color: 880 (940, 1000, 1060, 1150, 1240, 1340,
1440, 1560 yards) Finished Measurements (blocked) Bust & Hip: S 36 (M 40, L 44,
XL 48, 2X 52, 3X 56, 4X 60, 5X 64, 6X 68) in
90 (100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170) cm

Number of skeins for each size for SILKY LINEN You may need an extra skein for the Organic sport. Please do the math to make sure you're comfortable with these quantities. 
(main color only): S (3), M (3),  L (3), XL (3), 2X (4), 3X (4), 4X (4), 5X (4), 6X (5)

Choose your contrast bundle:the bundles include 50g of each color shown and 1 bundle will be plenty of yardage for all sizes. 

Full skein Body colors will be dyed with the Silky Linen Sport, which is a seasonal yarn for Sew Happy Jane. This earthy sport weight yarn is perfect for spring and summer knitting. It's a blend of U.S. Non-Superwash Merino (20.4 microns) + French Flax + Mulberry Silk. Or choose the Organic Non-Superwash Merino Sport. This is a superfine merino sourced in Peru (20.5 microns)

If you've ever knit with Linen before you know it needs to be worked and worn to soften up, but the blend of ultra fine merino + silk eases that process a bit. The linen gives this yarn excellent breathability, the merino makes it fluffy and soft, and the silk makes it strong with great stitch definition and a wee bit of drape (though there is really no "sheen" in this blend like some silk blends). 

The Flax (linen) in this blend is an undyed natural tan color, and it does not take the dye, so it creates a beautiful heathering that shows up more in the darker colors and less in the lighter colors. 

Yarn Stats:
Silky Linen Sport
350 yards/ 100 grams
50% NSW Fine Merino/25% Mulberry Silk/ 25% French Flax
3 ply

Organic Merino Sport
328 yards/100 grams
100% Non-Superwash Fine Merino
Organic/20.5 microns
3 ply

Contrast Bundle Yarn Info: 

Organic Merino Sport Bundles: (bundles include 2 skeins as shown)
162 yards/50 grams per skein X2
100% Superfine Organic Non-Superwash Merino
3 ply

Color Descriptions. Please email me if you need more information. Colors can vary by monitor. 

Wander: A warm olive green with slight blue undertones and occasional flecks of gold
Desire: A rich cool burgundy with slight red undertones
Sky: A little darker than sky on my other base yarns. A soft, cool blue with no yellow undertones. 
Terra Cotta: A rich, but soft rust color with pinky hues and a warm feel
Rosey Glow: A soft, muted pink with tan undertones
Lavender: A soft purple with just a hint of pink. This colorway is considered cool. 
Ross Poldark: A green leaning navy blue makes this colorway both warm and cool. 
Linen: A soft, sandy tan with cool undertones. No yellow tones.
Goldenrod:A warm, cheerful golden yellow with a sunny personality
Delphinium: A deep blend of purple and blue. Just like the flower. This is a cool color