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Floriography Holiday Yarn Calendar 2021


Floriography, or “the language of flowers,” was a popular Victorian fad in which specific meanings were attributed to different plants and flowers. Most flowers conveyed positive sentiments: friendship, fidelity, devotion, love. Others were assigned more negative meanings, such as anger, contempt or indifference.
Inspired by my most beloved muse we'll take a little dive into some of my favorite blooms and their meaning.

Floriography Yarn calendars will ship in November.

What's Included?

12, 20 gram mini skeins
1 full 100g skein
A handful of surprise gifts curated to compliment the theme.

Gifts and yarn will be individually wrapped and labeled for enjoying at your own pace throughout the holiday season. Pattern suggestions will be shared, but must be purchased separately.


Please note: Do not order Advent Calendars with other items. This item ships in a special box on its own and cannot be combined.

No discounts will be accepted for this special offering.


Choose from two yarn base options.

1. Bouncy Fingering:
75/25 Superwash Merino/Nylon
20 gram skein minis with 92 yards
100 gram full skein with 463 yards
2 ply yarn with supreme cushion/spring

2. DK Minis:
(minis have nylon, full skeins do not)
75/25 Superwash Merino/Nylon
20 gram minis with 49 yards
4 ply yarn with excellent squish and softness
Delightful DK Full Skein:
100% Superwash Merino
100 gram full skein with 231 yards
4 ply buttery soft