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Club Colorway Pre-Order

February Hand Painted
March Hand Painted
April Hand Painted
May Hand Painted
February Tonal
March Tonal
April Tonal
May Tonal

This listing is a pre-order for February, March, April and May colorways from the Hand Dyed Happy yarn Club.  The listing will stay open through May and colorways will be dyed and shipped by the end of June. 

Please keep in mind that the colors will not match the box yarn exactly. Order enough yarn to complete your project.  Non-Superwash colorways will be softer, and more muted than the superwash colorways. Superwash is shown. 

Remember: Current Club Members have a discount code if you received the last box, and you are welcome to use that for this listing. (Please do! It's one of my favorite perks, and I am happy when you use it.) If you lost your code you can email me. 

Yarn Bases Available:

Joyful Fingering
463 yards
75/25 SW Merino/Nylon
3 ply

Organic Merino Fingering
437 yards
100% Non-Superwash Superfine Merino
4 ply

Delightful DK
231 yards
100% Sw Merino
4 ply

Organic Merino DK
231 yards
100% Non-Superwash Superfine Merino

Springy Sport
328 yards
100% SW Merino
3 ply