Sustain Corrie DK (Ready To Ship)

Ballerina 50 g.
Terra Cotta 50 g.
Teal-e-o 50g.
Golden 50g.
Lilac 50g.
Rosey Glow 50g.
Wander 50g.
Cream 50g.
Sky 50g.
Bashful 50g.
Mint 50g.
Cream 100g.
Deep Plum 100g.
S'teal Away With Me 100g.
Anne Shirley Auburn 100g.
Wander 100g.
Beechwood 100g.
Ross Poldark 100g.

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Introducing a small batch of really special yarn! Available in 50g. Half Skeins and 100 g. Full Skeins. (as marked in description)

Sustain is entirely made in the US from Merino sourced in New Mexico and Colorado and Corriedale sourced in New York. The wools are scoured in the US and then sent to Battenkill Fiber Mill for processing. Finally they are small batch dyed in my studio in Idaho. 

PLEASE NOTE: 50g. skeins are ready to ship. 100g. skeins are dyed to order and will ship within 10 days of ordering.

This is a semi rustic 2 ply yarn with beautiful bounce and loft, which has been spun in a worsted/woolen combination that is unique and beautiful. Expect a more rugged feel to the Sustain line of yarns vs. my regular bases. This wool has a little bit higher micron count, which gives it a perfect balance of softness and durability. You'll notice that your knitted garments are light and airy, but still very warm using this yarn.

Sustain 2 ply DK is a Limited Release Collection. I do not know when I will be able to get more, so enjoy this little introduction to a more rustic, untreated and domestically produced yarn while it lasts. 

p.s. Don't be alarmed if you see a little bit of VM (vegetable matter)in your yarn. It's there because the scouring plant doesn't use any harsh chemicals to dissolve it, and that's pretty cool.

Read more about the sheep on my blog

Yarn Stats:
50 g. Half skeins
140 yards/50 grams
100g. Full Skeins
280 yards/100 grams

Approx. 70% Merino/30% Corriedale
Untreated (will felt) 
2 ply