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A Chat with Kay Hopkins of Knit for the Soul

Heather Best | 24 January, 2022

            A Chat with Kay Hopkins of Knit for the Soul

When Kay and I first began collaborating on the Multnomah Falls Cardigan she knew exactly what she wanted. Inspired by a cardigan she had in her youth, Kay was looking for a fuffy pink fabric with cables and beautiful buttons.

We started with fingering and mohair held double, but the resulting fabric was more like a jacket than the soft, floaty fabric she had in mind. So, we tried Sport weight, which created a beautiful garment, but we still didn't have quite what we were looking for.


Enter a new yarn I came across called Suri Fingering. Finally we had what we were after, and the Multnomah cardigan was born (with variations!). Some people don't love fluffy yarn, so Kay recommends using Sport or Fingering weight to knit up this beautiful, cable filled cardigan just perfect for spring and summer. 

(Photo and Sample Knitting Credit goes to Camay Dobin)
Multnomah Falls Cardigan shown on Featherdown Suri Fingering in the colorway Beechwood.

Join us for a chat about Kay's design path, and her vision for this collaboration.