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Bitty Knitting

Heather Best | 13 March, 2021

            Bitty Knitting

Were you one of the thousands of knitters who participated in the Beekeeper  4Day Knit A Long with Marie Greene of Olive Knits back in 2018? I certainly was! It was the first year I participated in the 4 Day KAL, but not the last. I love my Beekeeper. It's one of my favorite cardigans!

Imagine my delight when I learned that Marie had used Sew Happy Jane Delightful DK in her newest book 'Knit a Little' for the Bitty Beekeeper hat and sweater patterns. 

{It's safe to say I did a big, teary eyed happy dance when she told me.}

Sew Happy Jane in print? Yes, please. And right on the front cover? Ok. Now I'm undone.

photo of a book titled Knit a Little. woman wearing a white sweater and holding a stack of tiny knitted sweaters in cream, turquoise, and gold.
You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw this cover. I actually hadn't ever really even dreamed about having my hand dyed yarn in an actual published book. What a huge honor and a lovely surprise.
Can you spy the Hand Dyed Happy? It's the gold speckled yarn second from the top of the pile. 
Yep. It's exciting.
So you know I had to get busy knitting up some samples in other colorways as well because I know you want to see this sweater in as many colors as possible.
soft pink baby sweater and hat sitting on top of a sheepskin.
I recruited some sample knitting help from my BFF for this sweet set in Ballerina on my creamy, soft and washable Delightful DK, and found the perfect little denim top to pair with it.
It's ready for gifting to a new little one, only I'm pretty sure I won't be able to part with it any time soon. 
I think I'll just let it hang around for decoration. 
And since all of the patterns in this book are gender neutral I chose a Tweed Dk for the version I knit. I am 100% here for all the tweed baby knits. My Delightful Tweed DK is made of extremely soft and washable Merino wool. You won't have to worry about itch, and parents can rely on easy care. I love tweed for myself, so why not for babies? Actually that's one of the things I love best about this book. The patterns are classic and timeless just like the rest of Marie's patterns. You won't have to worry about your hard work going out of style.
Sold hand knit baby sweater on a sheepskin with a winnie the pooh ceramic bear sitting next to it.
There are several patterns in the book that will work with a variety of my yarns, and don't forget! Even if you don't have babies to knit for the hats are all sized for the whole family.  Shop my DK collection HERE.
I interviewed Marie over on Facebook to celebrate the launch. We had such a great time talking about the book, her story and inspiration, and so many other things. Take a peek!