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Knitting with Fluffy Yarns...A few Tips

Heather Best | 23 April, 2024

            Knitting with Fluffy Yarns...A few Tips

Knitting with fluffy yarns like my new Featherdown Suri/Silk DK is a real treat. Before you take my word for the awesomeness of this yarn, you might have some questions...

How does it knit up?
Honestly, I felt I needed to slow down just a touch, but not dramatically, to make sure I was catching the stitches. This yarn creates such a soft, fluffy fabric that it's worth slowing down a bit for. Promise.

What if I need to frog it or tink back? 
Frogging is when you pull out your knitting to correct a mistake. If you need to frog I recommend putting your project in a ziplock bag and sticking it in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. This helps calm the fluff and makes it easy to pull back the stitches. I found I was able to tink back a few stitches without any issue.
How do I measure my gauge with this floofy fabric?
I recommend pulling out some straight pins (or even toothpicks) and a tape measure. Lay your project flat and measure a 4" section horizontally. Place your pins at either end of the 4" stretch. Then do the same thing vertically to measure your row gauge. Once the pins are in place you can use the pointy tip of a knitting needle to count each row and stitch. 

(Make sure you wash/block your swatch the way you want to wash your final garment before you measure or your final garment will not reflect the correct gauge.)

What should I knit?
1. Brume by Andrea Mowry was written for this exact yarn. It's a cozy mock neck sweater with loads of ease.
2. Lowell by Shellie Anderson is a boxy top down raglan with a loose fit perfect for lounging.
3.My Free Featherdown Cowl pattern. I have not updated the pattern to include the new DK yarn yet (I originally used my fingering weight suri), but two skeins of DK Suri will knit the long version and one skein will knit the short version. Perfect if you want to try this yarn out before you knit a whole sweater.
4. Ballentine by Alison Green is a lovely yoke style sweater with a large lace repeat pattern. I think the lace repeat is large enough to show up nicely in this yarn.