E L E V A T I O N : More Than Just A Wrap

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When Kelly Sandusky of Aspen Knits first heard the idea of a trek across Nepal to view the sunset on Mount Everest she knew immediately that trek would be her next adventure.

Making the decision to go was easy, but she knew the 15 day guided hike at 18,500 feet of elevation would not be a walk in the park. Her challenge to "just keep going" inspired the ascending stripes in this beautiful pattern, Elevation.
This project is so much more than just a wrap! It's a metaphor for the challenge she has given herself to focus on her health and activity levels, which in turn has spurred her creativity in a way she never saw coming. 
Purchase her pattern HERE.
Kelly will head off to Nepal in just a few days to take on this once in a lifetime challenge, and when she returns we will be knitting along on this wrap. I think this will be the perfect way to celebrate her accomplishment and welcome her home. We'll kick off our KAL (Knit Along) on April 2nd, and Kelly will join us around April 7th when she returns.
You can participate in this KAL by purchasing an Elevation Kit on my website and joining my private Facebook group (Hand Dyed Happy Makers) where we'll share photos of our projects as well as inspiration for facing our own personal challenges. You can also play along on Instagram by tagging your project photos with the hashtag #elevationkal. 
Here is a preview of some of the kits I will have available:

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