Easy Like Sunday Morning

Heather Best | 19 February, 2021

            Easy Like Sunday Morning

Do you have a favorite time of the week? Sunday morning is my absolute favorite. 

 My love of Sunday morning began when I was a child. I remember my Mom making us “special” breakfast on Sunday mornings. One of the only days of the week we had to enjoy a family breakfast (most of the time) all together meant that she would often prepare something extra yummy. On the days she presented Lake Almanor Blowout we felt especially lucky. You may know of this dish as Dutch Babies or German Pancakes, but in my family this traditional recipe was called Lake Almanor Blowout. The name was Inspired by the location in California where my parents spent a summer working when they were first married. If I recall correctly a neighbor gave my mom the recipe, and it has remained in our family ever since. 

a hand holds a partially knitted shawl in grey and speckled stripes. It sits next to a tiny green succulent plant.

I remember imagining the delightful bubbling pan of Dutch Babies as a house, and each buttery pocket felt like a little room. We would each choose our “rooms” carefully with special consideration given to the corners of the pan, smother them in syrup and beg for seconds.

Whether it's Dutch Babies or something else special, I still love the tradition of making a lovely Sunday Morning breakfast and then relaxing with a book, some knitting, a little music, and plenty of family time. It's the one day of the week when no one feels rushed, and we can all be together.

When it came time for me to choose names for my Cozy inspired advent mini skein collection I knew that Sunday Morning had to be one of the colorways, and I knew that it would be a favorite.  I've been knitting with it a lot this month as I've worked on Kallara by Ambah O'Brien (pictured above) and a new Bulky cowl design I'm preparing to launch (Pictured Below). 

A bulky hand knit cowl with navy blue ribbing and a speckled colorway in the center sits on a table next to a mug of tea.

Happy Making, Friends. 
XX, Heather Jane