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Friday Faves

Heather Best | 26 January, 2023

            Friday Faves

Once a month I love to share some things that are making me smile and keeping me entertained while I'm busy knitting and dyeing yarn. I have been sharing these lists in my weekly Hand Dyed Happy Newsletter, but I've decided I can do a better job here on the blog. Here's my list for January 2023. 

Favorite Audio Book: 

Lucy By the Sea by Elizabeth Strout. Strout is one of my all time favorite authors. She's so good at economizing words and still conveying such deep emotion in her characters. I love a good character driven novel, and this one is especially fantastic in it's ability to connect to several of her previous novels. If you haven't read any of her other books I would start at the beginning. In fact, I aim to do just that so I can enjoy seeing how all of the connections among the characters play themselves out over time. Here's a list of her books in order. 

Favorite Thing to Watch:
This stop animation short film called The Kite is stunning in all ways, and it's all hand made. See the behind the scenes video of how it was made here. Watch the 13 minute film here.
Favorite Thing To Eat:
I always feel happy when I have a jar full of Homemade granola in my pantry. I've used a lot of recipes over the years, and I love how flexible the ingredients can be. This formula on Budget Bytes is perfect. I definitely agree with the suggestion to wait and add the dried fruit until after baking. I prefer when it stays a little bit chewy, and find it too hard when baked along with the other ingredients. 
I hope something on this list makes you smile! 
Happy Making, 
Heather Jane