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Fireworks Collection Colorway Stories

Heather Best | 16 May, 2021 |

            Fireworks Collection Colorway Stories

When I heard the theme for the 2021 4 Day KAL with Olive Knits I knew I wanted to create some new colorways to embody the celebration! I chose names for them that inspired hope, feelings of connectedness, and brighter days.  After weeks of struggling to decide on a color palette I finally narrowed the colors down to seven really special choices that I hope will speak to you in some way.

Which one is your favorite? (I can't tell you how hard it was for me to choose the colorway for my own Fireworks sweater!)

Brighter Days: Looking Forward, Positivity, Sunshine

A brassy gold that loves to shift hues in different light, Brighter Days is filled with hope.

Comfort: Stability, Home, Family, Traditions

A warm chocolate filled with all of my favorite things. Warming spices, a cup of coffee, honey dripping from its comb, and a deep polished walnut table. Snuggle up for a cozy afternoon and a little knitting. 

Gather:Friendship, Connection, Loyalty, Trust

A gorgeous combination of deep magenta and rich purple reminds me of my favorite fiber friends and looking forward to some hugs from people I love again soon. 

Sky: Daydream, Float, Release, Deep Breath

The softest blue sky blue will make you say, ahhhhh. Sky brings images of sitting somewhere peaceful with your knitting and your favorite book. Daydream the afternoon away.

Beechwood: Toes in the Sand, Vacation, Grounded, Steady

A soft, sandy tan colorway that will take you straight to your favorite beach. Kick off your shoes and let your body relax while you find your footing and steady your mind. 

Cheers To You: Rosey Cheeks, Free Spirit, Celebration

Like the exotic blooms of a hibiscus flower this colorway has notes of fuchsia and juicy tangerine. It's a stunning pink leaning coral that brings an instant smile. Celebrate your inner free spirit. 

Magical Mischief: Glimmer, Cooking Up Some Fun, Cooling

A green leaning teal like the deepest tropical ocean waters, this colorway is a little bit magic and a little bit mischief.