Hand Made Memories

Heather Best | 24 January, 2020

            Hand Made Memories

I rang in 2020 in one of my favorite places on earth.

If you've followed me for long you're probably aware that much of what I dye is connected to my experiences in nature. One of my all time most popular colorways is Agate Beach (pictured below), inspired by the agate fireplace my grandparents had in their home on Lopez Island, WA while I was growing up. Their home faced Agate Beach, and the fireplace was the central gathering place.

Lopez Island remains a very special place for our family. Many beautiful, peaceful memories have been made there, and I have enjoyed seeing my brother return many times in the last few years with his family.

In December I decided to create a new Lopez inspired colorway called    
SLO-PEZ (a nod to the slower pace of life on the island, and not a name I created). I used SLO-PEZ and Agate Beach to machine knit hats and headbands for my brother's family to help them commemorate their love of a special place we share in common.

SLO-PEZ echos the rich, moody blues of the ocean, the rusty maritime boats of island life, and the stunning greens of the forested hiking paths.

When I was invited to join my brother and his family on their next visit to ring in the new year I couldn't pass up the chance. We all wore our Lopez inspired gear as we hiked through magic fairy forests to the Bay you see behind us.

Making things for people I love gives them so much meaning, and creates connection and specific memories we can share. It's the connection with people and places that keeps me creating. 

Do you have a special memory of a gift you've created? I'd love to hear.

Happy Making! 
Heather Jane