How does color make you feel?

Heather Best | 28 March, 2024

            A woman is laying on a white background surrounded by skeins of yarn dyed in many different colors. She is laughing and wearing a bright coral shirt. She has brown hair and glasses.

Are you adventurous with color, or do you keep it safe? How does color make you feel when you get dressed?
I don't know about you, friend, but color has a tremendous impact on how I feel, and when I get dressed, I want to feel a certain type of way. 
Sometimes I need a gentle hug. Sometimes I need to feel engergized. Occasionally I'm looking to really shine
Making my own clothes helps me find exactly what I need in my closet. Sure, it takes some practice to make things I absolutely love. Things that make me feel exactly how I want to feel. 
But when I get it right? SHAZAM! It's a super power and I'm Here For It.
I want to help you create projects that make you feel your very best. 
If you're color adventurous, or you aren't totally sure which colors you LOVE yet, let me inspire you with my Hand Dyed Happy Yarn Club
I take the guess work out of wondering which colors look amazing together in my monthly shipments full of seasonally inspired colorways and extra gifts that will nourish your maker soul. 
If you know exactly what you love; keep an eye on my seasonal collections and definitely follow along with my weekly emails. We're going to be talking about this Often.
Because you deserve to look and feel amazing in your hand made wardrobe.