Colorway Collection

sewhappyjane is all about happy color. You'll find yarn dyed in three basic styles: Tonal/Semi-solid, Tonal/Speckled, and Variegated.

Tonal/Semi-solid yarns use many layers of glazing and multiple colors added in different layers to create yarn full of dimension. The different colors adhere to the yarn in ways that make your projects interesting and lively, but they can never be completely duplicated. Please make sure you alternate skeins to help distribute the colors evenly, and order all the yarn you need to finish your creation.  

Tonal/Speckled yarns are dyed a semi-solid color first and then speckled with lively colors to make them unique and fun to use in projects. Sometimes natural bases are speckled to make colorways such as Pastry Case, Tender, Pistachio Cream, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Umbrella Drink.

Variegated yarns have many colors evenly distributed throughout the skeins. My goal with Variegated yarns in to create an even distribution of colors that does not flash or pool in clumps. Depending on your needle size, stitch pattern, and project size, the final results may be different. If you are knitting larger projects using more than one skein please alternate skeins to help distribute colors evenly through out your projects.

Colorway Descriptions:

Agate Beach: Medium gray base with handpainted jewel tones.
: Deep, plum purple
Ballerina: The softest peachy pink with some cream

Beechwood: Soft, sandy tan
Butter Toffee: Rich shade of butterscotch gold
Contemplation: Cream base with cool blue washes and rust, moss, eggplant speckles
Dapper Fellow: Medium cool tone charcoal grey
Desire: Like a glass of Merlot wine. Plum and eggplant.
Electric Raspberry: Magenta with a violet wash. Sometimes pink, sometimes purple
Emma: Seafoam green backdrop with deep teal and coral speckles
Mauvelous: Neutral deep tan base with burgundy, moss, rust, and brown speckles
Moody: Warm blue leaning teal with a gray wash
Mossy Grove: Perfect scummy, moss green
Oh, Joy!: Neutral tan background with handpainted shades of Autumn.
Poppy Cheeks: Soft pink toned coral with deep amber speckles
Pastry Case: Cream with all the shades of magenta, pink, coral, and chartreuse green speckles
Rosey Glow: Warm,  blush color with sandy tan undertones
Ross Poldark: Navy leaning teal blue
Sassy Ballerina: The creamiest peachy toned pink with sassy speckles

Siren Call: Green Leaning Teal
Sky: The softest blue sky blue
Sly Fox: Medium rust orange with blush undertones and deep rust/brown speckles
Solistice: Rich, Deep Navy Blue
Spruce: If Ross and Siren Call had a baby. Rich, deep teal
Speckled Mead: Buttery gold with jewel tone speckles
Sweet Tooth: Cream with neon speckles
Tea Rose: Rosy mauve base with burgundy, moss, and gold speckles
Tender: Cream base with sea foam green washes and coral/moss/gold speckles.
Veronica: A deep shade of coral, tangerine, and magenta all layered together
Washed Ashore: Neutral base with teal, moss, rust, navy, and pecan speckles