Colorway Collection

sewhappyjane is all about happy color. You'll find yarn dyed in three basic styles: Tonal/Semi-solid, Tonal/Speckled, and Variegated.

Tonal/Semi-solid yards use many layers of glazing and multiple colors added in different layers to create yarn full of dimension. The different colors adhere to the yarn in ways that make your projects interesting and lively, but they can never be completely duplicated. Please make sure you alternate skeins to help distribute the colors evenly, and order all the yarn you need to finish your creation.  

Tonal/Speckled yarns are dyed a semi-solid color way first and then speckled with fun colors to make them unique and fun to use in projects. Sometimes natural bases are speckled to make colorways such as Freckle Face, and Bring The Party.

Variegated yarns have many colors evenly distributed throughout the skeins. My goal with Variegated yarns in to create an even distribution of colors that does not flash or pool in clumps. Depending on your needle size, stitch pattern, and project size, the final results may be different. If you are knitting larger projects using more than one skein please alternate skeins to help distribute colors evenly through out your projects.

Each month I will dye a Serentipity Colorway based on something I find inspiring. Serendipty colorways will be available on a first come-first served basis at some point each month. Please sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when they are ready to order. Sometimes these colorways will be added to the seasonal collections after a certain period of time, and sometimes they will only happen once. 


Colorway collections are inspired by the world around me and will rotate seasonally. Fall/Winter collections typically run from September-February and Spring/Summer collections run March-August. Many colorways overlap all seasons, and sometimes colorways will be added mid-season if inspiration strikes. Colorway Collection updates will consist of a random sampling of "dyers choice" colorways from my seasonal collection. If you'd love to see a colorway included in an update please let me know.