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Hand Dyed Happy Yarn Club Perks

Heather Best | 18 August, 2022

            Hand Dyed Happy Yarn Club Perks

Let's talk about PERKS!
Yarn is the big star of the show for the Hand Dyed Happy Yarn Club, but I want you to feel L-O-V-E-D by me. Club members will be treated like royalty around here. Why? Because you're the people who are showing up to support me and you deserve some perks. 
  1. There will be a discount code in your box each month. You can use this discount for ready to ship yarn on my website, and you can request sweater quantities (3+ skeins of an existing SHJ colorway on the same base). You'll be able to order more of the club colorways, too! Here's the catch: You Must enter the code before you check out with your order. If you forget you'll miss out, so make sure it's in the box before you hit the purchase button, and don't let that pesky SHOP PAY pop up get in the way. Enter the discount code FIRST, and then your shop pay code so you don't get swept to the check out button before you're ready. 

    Need to request a sweater quantity order? Contact Me! I'll start accepting orders as soon as you have your box and your discount code. 6 week turnaround for custom orders.
  2. Private Zoom Call. There's a handy dandy little QR code coming in your box so you can register for our community zoom call. The call will be recorded if you cannot attend and a link to the recording will be emailed as soon as it's ready to view.
  3. Flexible Options. You can cancel or change your subscription right from your Sew Happy Jane account. The changes will need to be made within a window of time in order for me to control inventory, and I'll email you when I've opened the options so you'll have time to make those changes before the next billing cycle. ACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS: Watch for an email each month letting you know when to make changes.
    Need to skip a month?I understand that sometimes finances require this. Please limit skips to 3 times per year and no back to back skipping. If you need to skip twice in a row please cancel your subscription and join us again when subscriptions re-open and the time is right for you.
    Need help managing your subscription? Check out this blog post! 
  4. Pattern Suggestions. Yep! We've got em'. I have an amazing helper working on this each month. We'll have a list of patterns just perfect for your yarn choices in every box with a QR code to take you right where you need to be for all the details.
Need help with anything?! Email me! Myself and an awesome helper are ready to assist if you're having trouble with your subscription, have questions, or need anything. We are checking email Mon-Fri. 

info.sewhappyjane@gmail.com is the best way to get in touch. 

What are you waiting for? Join the club and enjoy the perks. 
Happy Making, 
Heather Jane