Single Shipment/Extra Yarn Club Boxes


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This is an overflow listing that includes all extra yarn club boxes available to purchase with no subscription commitment. Orders ship within 1 week. 

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Yarn Bases Include: (all base yarns are next to skin, ultra soft)
Superwash Fingering: 463 yards/100 grams 3 ply Superwash Merino/nylon
Superwash Sport: 328 yards/100 grams 3 ply Superwash 100% Merino
Superwash DK: 231 yards/100 grams 4 ply Superwash 100% Merino
Non-Superwash Fingering: 437 yards/100 grams 4 ply Organic 100 % Merino
Non-Superwash Sport: 328 yards/100 grams 3 ply Organic 100% Merino
Non-Superwash DK: 231 yards/100 grams 4 ply Organic 100% Merino

Perfect Pairings Include: 2, 100 gram full skeins of yarn with one tonal and one hand painted or speckled skein dyed to coordinate.
Single Skeins Include: 1, 100 gram full skein of yarn in either tonal or hand painted/speckled skein of yarn as specified in the title of the object. 

Extra Gifts are included unless the listing specifies that this is a Yarn Only option. See the photos for a peek at the extra gifts. 

Save Money, and subscribe to the club! Shipment are less expensive, and include awesome perks you'll enjoy as a member of the Hand Dyed Happy Yarn Club. See the Options here