Spring and Summer Tees- Stripes Edition

Heather Best | 01 April, 2024

            Spring and Summer Tees- Stripes Edition

If you caught a glimpse of my closet you would know that ***I adore stripes***. My theory is that I love them because I can never choose a favorite color. I want all the colors together and that can really only happen with stripes and florals (my other obsession). 

As I started planning my garment projects for spring and summer I made visits to my favorite ready to wear clothing websites and started saving images to a collage board on Canva. I quickly noticed that stripes were a major theme happening across all of the brands I often shop with. 

Next I decided to cross check the ready to wear garments I was saving with the patterns I could find on Ravelry and see what correlations I could come up with. To my surprise I found several options for patterns that could mimic the tops I had saved, so I created a new collage for my favorite spring and summer knitted tops with stripes (I did tonals with texture, too). 

Included here are my top 9 choices. Each of these patterns use fingering or sport weight yarn. They are all size inclusive with sizes ranging from 28" bust up to 63" bust measurements. And they all have stripes, which means they are PERFECT for playing with hand dyed yarns. You can see the whole spring/summer tees bundlein my Ravelry group. If you google these pattern and designer names you can also find their websites if you wish to purchase off Ravelry. 

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1. Winslow Tee by Florence Spurling
2. Helianthus by Andrea Gaughan
3. Falmar Top by Irina Anikeeva
4. Apogean by Marie Greene
5. Vellichor by Andrea Mowry
6. Coloring Book Tee by Amiee Sher
7. Rock It Tee by Tanis Lavailee
8. Dingly Dell by Isabell Kraemer
9. Aurelia Tee by Anna Strandberg

Happy Knitting!!
XX, Heather Jane