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Spring and Summer Tees- Tonal + Texture Edition

Heather Best | 01 April, 2024

            Spring and Summer Tees- Tonal + Texture Edition

As I started planning my garment projects for spring and summer I made visits to my favorite ready to wear clothing websites and started saving images to a collage board on Canva. I was looking for stripes (find that post here) and garments with beautiful texture.  

Next I decided to cross check the ready to wear garments I was saving with the patterns I could find on Ravelry and see what correlations I could come up with. To my surprise I found several options for patterns that could mimic the tops I had saved, so I created a new collage for my favorite spring and summer knitted tops with beautiful texture. Not surprisingly, the patterns I found on Ravelry were even more beautiful than the textured garments I was looking at on ready to wear websites. When it comes to texture---knitting patterns win! 

I also wanted garments with my favorite fit and structure. 

Included here are my top 9 choices. Each of these patterns use fingering or sport weight yarn. They are all size inclusive with sizes ranging from 30" bust up to 63" bust measurements. And they all feature beatiful, wearable fit and lovely texture details. 

You can see all of my spring and summer garments using fingering and sport weight yarns in This Ravelry Bundle. You can likely find these patterns on the designers websites or etsy if you google the pattern name and designer name.

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1. Cannon Beach Tee by Shellie Anderson
2. Anker's Summer Shirt by Petite Knit
3. Seraphina Top by Irina Anikeeva
4. Trillium Lake by Kay Hopkins
5. Svit Top by Irina Anikeeva
6. Provence Top by Ekaterina Vorobeva
7. Salty Air Tee by Samantha Guerin
8. Siletz V by Shellie Anderson
9. Plinth Tee by Kerri Blumer

Now to narrow these down and choose what to actually cast on!
Happy Knitting!

xx, Heather Jane